2 Meter Peters
A Division of Bent Like Beckham Worldwide

    The Team

    Tom: Team Captain and All Around Great Guy.

    Uniform Number: T

    Nickname: Tom Tom, The Intruded, Pee Wee, The Postman, Kallum Higginbotham

    Signature Move:That inside out, upside down thing he is always trying; wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants. Ringing the ball off the post from anywhere on the pitch.

    Peter: Muscle and Fitness Magazine Cover Model

    Uniform Number: 8"

    Nickname: Rochdale; 1.8 Meter Peter

    Signature Move: Once he gets going, he really can't slow down; has the turning radius of a 747
    Brian: Team Super Star

    Uniform Number: 99

    Nickname: Flyin' Brian; B-Cup

    Signature Move: Provides the team with almost all of its scoring, playmaking, defence and cake.
    Jenn 1: Team Groupie

    Uniform Number:867-5309

    Nickname: Jenn X; The Jennerator; Jenny From The Block

    Signature Move: Olympian sprinting speed, frequent painful kicks to the knees, shins and ankles of the opposing team members
    Jenn 2: Team Grit

    Uniform Number: 11

    Nickname: Mrs. Yelle, Sandbox, Iron Maiden

    Signature Move: Running faster than you ever expected; scoring from center.
    Nick: Team Spare

    Uniform Number:

    Nickname: St. Nick; Nick at Night; Little Nicky

    Signature Move: Filling in whatever spot needs filling; playing goal without any body armour at all
    Patrick: Team IT Support

    Uniform Number:6.022 1023

    Nickname: St Paddy; Size 15; 2 Meter Patrick

    Signature Move: Stealing the other team's passwords and identities; reprogramming microchips; blocking shots with his soft bits
    Tina: Team Sommelier

    Uniform Number:38DD

    Nickname: Tina Tourettes; Shin-bone; T-Bag

    Signature Move: Making the most routine plays seem like an adventure
    Ken: Team Sibling

    Uniform Number:2

    Nickname: Ken Doll; Oh My God They Killed Ken

    Signature Move: Sitting on the sidelines nursing what can only be the most painful cramp you have ever seen
    Chad: Team Defence

    Uniform Number:80

    Nickname:The Chad; Dangling Chad; The Great Wall of Chad

    Signature Move: Parking himself in front of the goalie and making most of the Team's saves