Spring 2008 Soccer Letter  #2†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter #2. Only seven or eight more weeks until the Bent Like Beckham FC (BLB) and itís sister team, the Two Meter Peters FC (TMP), hit the pitch in our generally misunderstood mayhem, more commonly referred to as the Spring Recreational League. As Iím sure weíre all currently in some sort of spring training right now, by drinking a lot more beer, sleeping later on Sunday mornings and more importantly, always, always, remembering to leave the toilet seat up, Iíd like to take this opportunity to congratulate you all for reaching the pinnacle of your sports career, by becoming part of the Bent Like Beckham family.




Upcoming Training Event:



The Annual Make Your Own Kit Day. This is the day we make our yearly football jerseys in our team colours (which usually end up being, whatever colour actually stays on the shirt the longest). Itís a Tie-Dye event and buckets and Dyeís are usually provided but, youíll need to bring your own white shirt(s). Iíd suggest bringing 2 or 3 shirts so that you can have a little fun with the different designs and colours. This will be held sometime in early April, so be sure to pencil the entire month off, just to be certain that you can attend this Gala Event of the season.


However, if the ladies on our team prefer something a little more feminine, La Senza may have a sale on just now, or at the very least, a wide selection or uniform ideas that shouldnít be so easily dismissed. Please refer to Spring Soccer Letter Number 1 for more information on team uniforms, or the optional photo to your right, supplied for your convenience.




If comfort is important to you when playing soccer, then you may be interested in our new BLB 4000 line of menís under briefs, the ultimate in soccer comfort. The BLB 4000 is powered by a 15,000 volt solar power pack that attaches conveniently to your back during the match. At a comfortable 45lbs, this light weight solar pack provides all the juice youíll need to keep your own juices flowing. The BLB 4000 comes with several state of the art attachments such as I-Pod, satellite TV, GPS locator, toilet paper dispenser, bottle opener and Velcro pouch to hide those energy inducing Big Macís that are the key to our success in previous League matches. For those that are interested in purchasing a BLB 4000 from your local distributor, please send $495.00 (cash only) to 123 Fake Street, Chicago, Illinois Text Box: The BLB 4000 123456. All guarantees are void, should any of the BLB line of under briefs, thongs, or pajamas be worn in the rain.



As part of your team soccer fees this year, youíll be sent a copy of the following best seller from the National Sarcasm Society. Please read this manual thoroughly as several chapters, specifically chapters, 1 through 47, are referred to on a regular basis prior to our games, during our games, after our games and more importantly in the pub later, when we typically discuss the match and where exactly the turning point was in a 25-0 loss.


National Sarcasm Society Tin Sign


Upon completing your review of this manual and if you would like to discuss itís merits, please feel free to send me an email outlining your points of discussion and I will thoroughly enjoy reading your thoughts and respond to you in a timely manner (yes, that was a section from Chapter 8).


As a closing point, please find attached, a few photographs for inspiration of our Club Chairmen for life, Peter Crouch (Liverpool) and David Beckham (LA Galaxy). Both legends in their own time.






Tom Beckham

Team Captain, Coach,

Super Star and

All Around Great Guy