May 2009


Spring Soccer Letter #3
Game #1:   Bent Like Beckham (5)     Kick ‘Em In The Balls (3)



Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter # 3



Bent Like Beckham started their Spring Season Championship run in fine form this past Sunday with a 5-3 victory over Kick ‘Em in the Balls.


The game was filled with the usual displays of “never before seen soccer skills”, the most prominent of which was the “Getting the Ball Kicked 100mph at your Face” skill as shown to your left, and below.



Star Centre Forwards Patrick “I’ve never been knocked out by someone’s balls before” Beckham and Tracy “Are those balls regulation size?” Spice, both took one to the noggin, for the team. Waking up in hospital later that evening, Patrick was quoted as saying “Just let me at those balls Doctor and I’ll show them who’s boss”. (Patrick is being held for further observation).


The second half started off with our traditional “Run-Kick-Run” strategy (that has been so successful for us in previous seasons) and although it was a little touch and go there for a minute, the good guys (that’s us) persevered and in the end, brought home a well deserved victory, 5-3. A hearty hurrah echoed around the field by Bent Like Beckham’s fan. Roy. (Thanks Roy). In further news, Patrick remains in the hospital under close supervision.

As part of Bent Like Beckham F.C’s continual goal on Self Improvement, Self Awareness and on those stormy nights, Self Love (you know who you are….Peter), a new segment is brought to this season’s Soccer Letter’s focusing on a series of complicated and refined soccer strategies and tactics tested thoroughly by the worlds greatest Clubs.


Bent Like Beckham F.C. Strategy Segment #1: The English Plan:


Football Team Tactics....-27-03-2009-17.44.54.jpg



















BLB Translation: The English Plan basically requires Stuart to kick the ball directly to Brian and then Brian scores. Let’s try this for tonight’s Double Header and if this doesn’t have the guaranteed success that we all hope it does, we’ll look forward to future Strategy Segments in upcoming Soccer Letters.


Next Game(s): Sunday May 10 (Double Header)


Game #2:   BLB F.C. vs. Ballers          Field: Ecole La Rose         6:00pm

Game #3:   BLB F.C. vs. Scoregasm     Field: Rosemont               8:15pm





Tom Beckham,

Team Captain and All Around Great Guy.