March 2009



Spring Soccer Letter #1Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter # 1,


As Bent Like Beckham F.C. moves into itís fourth season of outstanding demonstrations of skill, sportsmanship and the unparalleled consumption of performance enhancement beverages, it is with some small amount of misunderstood pride that I announce the start of our new season on Sunday, April 26, 2009.


As Team Captain and All Around Great Guy, I would like to also take this opportunity to unveil the Bent Like Beckham Spring 2009 Team Uniforms. (see right)


Designed in partnership with Team Chairman David Beckham and our own Bent Like Beckham Worldwide Inc., these uniforms emphasis the unique spirit and values that make our team what it is today.


If you feel you have what it takes to wear this uniform with pride at all our games, as well as the over 200 Bent Like Beckham World Wide Inc community sponsored events, then send a reply back to me at your earliest convenience with a hearty, ďIím in CoachĒ and Iíll see you April 26.


Text Box: Team Chairman David Beckham assisting B.L.B. with Spring 2009 Try Outs.


Stock Photo titled: Fashionable Pink Socks And Ball Of Seven Year Old Soccer Player. SPA Athletic Field St Paul Minnesota USA, USE OF THIS IMAGE WITHOUT PERMISSION IS PROHIBITEDSincerely,


Tom Beckham,

Team Captain and All Around Great Guy.