Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter #2.


Game 1: BLB: 1 / Jimmy Hat Tricks: 5


Our first game saw a tremendous amount of skill displayed, worthy of any U60 Soccer Club around the world and although the other team’s name was a little on the nerdy side, it did unfortunately, have a certain amount of truth to it…


Our first goal of the season was scored by none other than Philippe “Has anyone tasted my crepes”? Beckham. Moments before the goal was scored, a familiar “Le Boom”!! could be heard among the 3-4 BLB fans on the sidelines. Well done Philippe, the first round of Tourtel Beer (brewed in France) is on you.



The rest of the team showed brilliant soccer skills that were rather unique in nature and although their effectiveness was somewhat questionable, their half-hearted attempts to understand soccer were none the less appreciated. (See side box).



David Beckham’s wife Posh Spice, aka “Mrs. Beckham”, aka “The Old Ball and Chain”, aka, “Don’t call me Baby Spice” managed to take a moment from her jet setting lifestyle to drop by and cheer on the team.


Afterwards, Posh, grabbed one of the new 2010 jersey’s, along with about 50 “spare” iron-ons that Peter just happened to have in his jacket pocket. We’re looking forward to seeing Posh wearing the new team colours in her next photo shoot for Vogue magazine.



Happy Birthday David Beckham:


Text Box:  Our team Chairman For Life, David Beckham, turns 35 today. He is currently playing Midfield for AC Milan in sunny Italy where it’s a nice 16°C.  However, by game time tonight, they’re forecasting 11°C and possible showers. Where would you rather be playing soccer tonight?


World Cup 2010 Info:

The world cup starts in approximately 39 days and 15 hours and although Bent Like Beckham F.C. didn’t qualify this year, we’re looking forward to 2014 in Brazil. In preparation, “mandatory” team Brazilians (details to follow) will be given by Stuart to all players starting June 10. (BLB bandages will be available to all players who request them)

Schedule and Team stats are available on our website, if you have any questions, please call Peter day or night, he’ll be happy to accept any and all out of town charges.





Tom Beckham

Team Captain

And All Around Great Guy