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Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter #3.


First and obviously most important, Happy Mother�s Day!!!. What soccer letter would be complete without a salute to the Soccer Mom�s that make this great sport the envy of the sports world, with more fans worldwide thanprofessional bowling, darts and poker combined. A special mention goes out on Mother�s Day to Club Chairman for Life, David Beckham�s Mom,Sandra Beckham. Without Mrs. Beckham we would have been just another Rec Soccer Team with a stupid name. Thank you Sandra



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Game 2: BLB: 2 / Engorged Cleats: 3


What a game, there was more back and forth in this game then an all you can eat buffet at the Heart Attack Grill. BLB had an amazing first half with brilliant goals from Tracy "Red Head's Rule" Spice and Brian "I spend my springs in Brazil" Beckham. Celebrating our impending victory at half time, should have been a clear indication that the second half was going to have more unexpected twists than a left over breadstick at a kids party at Boston Pizza.


BLB brought out every trick in the book and tried everything from Tina "I move for no man" Spice crushing their star player (I'm sure that guy will be waking up any minute now) to shouting random points of encouragement to the other team's goalie. In the end the other team managed to get one last goal, but it was a great game and a lot of fun.

World Cup 2010 Info:

Here are a couple of commercials for South Africa 2010 for your enjoyment:


Map of the Soccer Stadiums in South Africa:

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As part of our preparation for the World Cup, here are a few South African sayings:


1.     Howzit. It's used like the greeting Hi. "Howzit Brigitte"�

2.    Kief. Really nice. Like "That's a kief soccer shirt Philippe"

3.    Eish. Exclamation of surprise. (When Tina hit the other player) "Eish!!!!"

4.    Bliksem. Exclamation of surprise or pain. (Getting kicked in the arse) "Bliksem!!"

5.    Jislaaik. An expression of amazement (winning a $200 million lottery) "Jislaaik"


See you next Game. Get Bent!!!


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Tom Beckham

Team Captain

All Around Great Guy