Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter #4.



Game 3: BLB: 8 / Renegade Penguins: 5


Bent Like Beckham F.C. had a great game vs the Renegade Penguins. There were balls flying to the left, balls flying to the right, in fact, there were more balls in the air then a bull riding event at a Gay Rodeo.  (Or so Sandro tells me).


BLB kept the pressure on with goals from Dave “Please, call me Dave” Beckham, Tony “My Mother Dresses me this way” Beckham, Peter “I didn’t know she was your sister” Beckham, Heide “Try some of my power candy” Spice, Patrick “Have you seen the size of my hard drive” Beckham, Philippe “J'aime mon froid de bičre” Beckham and Tracy “I’ll give you something to cry about” Spice. There hasn’t been this much scoring since Paris Hilton received a Sony Handi-Cam for her 21st Birthday.







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The defensive juggernaut team of Stuart “The Lord moves in mysterious ways” Beckham and Brigitte “Je porte les pantalons, pas Dave”, stopped a record 2,435 shots on net by the Renegade Penguins.


This may seem like an outrageous number, but not in comparison to how many balls Stuart handles on a regular Sunday afternoon. At the final whistle, BLB registers their first win of the season and victory never tasted so sweet.


For a game recap, here’s a link that has graciously been provided by the Guardian Newspaper in the UK. Not to worry, there isn’t any nudity in this clip. 



World Cup 2010 Info:

As this soccer letter is being written, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa starts in 10 days, 23 hours, 27 minutes and 38, 37, 36, 35 seconds. It will be the greatest sporting event this year, apart from the annual Tunarama festival in Port Lincoln Australia where contestants try to throw a full-grown tuna for a grand prize of $7,000 or my favourite, the Wife Carrying contest held in Sonkajarvi, Finland, where men carry their wives through an obstacle course that includes sand, water and fences to win a grand prize of their wive’s weight in beer. Although both events may be spectacular in their own unique way, both fail in comparison to the upcoming World Cup.

At least when the fans are considered:

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See you next game. Get Bent!!


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Tom Beckham

Team Captain

And All Around Great Guy