Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter  #10 


What better way to start off this soccer letter than to say, "Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter #10". Last match was a match of Super Star Proportions, that contained everything that makes a great match memorable - there were the frosty beers that gave our players that little extra something, +20C weather, a nice small field so we didn't get too tired and Ron & May shouting their words of encouragement from the sidelines, although, with their strong Scottish Accent, no one really understood them.


When asked about the Hemmoth-old's goalie that hurt his hand during the game, May, life time Bent Supporter, had this to say: "If their goalie is such a wee lassie that he's gonna cry when he's hurt, then maybe he should'na wear his bonnie dress to the game in the first place". When questioned about the Bent Like Beckham supporters that show up to these matches, Team Captain Tom had this to say: "Uh...".



Team Bent was on fire last match scoring 4 goals, our best ever showing. Special thanks go out to Stu "The Stuuu-minator", for another rousing adventure in net; to Philippe "Zidane's my Brother" for scoring two incredible goals that if we had instant replay we would, well, be replaying them; to Brian "Call me Patty" for adding to the score with his tricky little footwork and for whatshername, Elisha "I like men in Uniform" for smashing one past the goalie that surprised everyone (even Elisha); to Carly "I like men in Leather Chaps, a tartan scarf and pink bunny slippers" for having two, count them TWO, cracks at goal; to Tracy "I'm married to the Best Guy in the World" for managing to not only run another marathon, but to also somehow get a free beer from the other team?. To Paul "I think that's my baby?" for somehow convincing his 9 8/10 months pregnant wife to drive him to soccer (now that's commitment) and to Peter "Do these shorts make me look fat" for somehow getting the other team to tell them who their best player was and what their tactics for winning were, while somehow managing to look stylish on the field in his size 15 Hush Puppies.



Final Score Hemmoth-olds 6    Bent Like Beckham 4


Special mentions goes out to Paul "She's having my baby" and his beautiful family, Jenn, Victoria, Molli and their newest soccer player, little Rhoan. He was born 8lbs 3 1/2oz and 19 1/2" long, so really, the special mention should be going out to Jenn. (Good Job)



Another Special celebration goes out to Peter "Do I really look 58?" for celebrating yet another birthday.


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Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next game 




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