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Bent Like Beckham vs. The Centre Street Hooligans


Team Bent rolled into the Rose Sauvage Stadium last Sunday night to the roaring cheers of "Bravo Papa", no doubt French for "Go Beckham, Go". Star Defense Player, Philippe, currently on loan from Team France, had a brilliant corner kick that lead to Beckham Star Striker, Brian to unleash a flurry of head spasms that somehow managed to get the ball into the net. Brian was later rewarded for his Jell-O-like neck muscles and meringue forehead with a frosty pint at the pub for qualifying for the "Free Beer with every Header" rule for Team Bent. When asked if Brian had any advice for the kids at home, Brian responded "Stay away from potatoes, they're brown".


Star Defense and all 'round great player, Carly, who is a leading contender for Miss Nebraska after giving up a romantic evening with the second cousin's brother's sister-in-law's uncle's niece's nephew's friend's friend's boyfriends brother of a guy who met George W. Bush at a Walmart in Oklahoma City, managed to withstand a withering assault of shots to the stomach, back, head, shoulder, leg, thigh, behind, nose, wrist, lower earlobe and right elbow from both teams, is shown below withstanding a menacing tackle from the entire Centre Street Hooligan Team. When asked how Carly managed to withstand such a bruising, Carly responded, "I like the green M&Ms the Best".



Team Goalie, Stu, shown below in white, speaking with one of the Team Hooligan Players, had a unique approach to going for the ball, which included placing the head of the opposing team between his legs and playing "Knick-Knack-Patty-Whack" on the Opposing Player's behind while pretending to be a Walmart Greeter. When asked what it was that he was actually trying to do, Stuart had this to say "Uh, what ball"?



Naturally Team Bent players, Tracy, Peter, Tony, Paul and Tom were all out there giving their usual 95% on the field and 150% in the pub, which is to be expected with the high caliber team that's been brought together for such a fine game, known as football.


Spring Soccer Letter #11 brought to you by, "Over the Hedge":



First match in FIFA 2006

June 09 in Munich  Germany vs. Cost Rica.


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next game 



Tom Beckham

Mr. Soccer 2006


PS I'll be in Invermere (sp) this weekend trying to keep Peter out of Jail, so if you need to get a hold of me, don't waste your dime as I will be un-getta-holdable. But my beautiful wife Tracy will be around if you'd like to call her up to tell her what a great husband she has.