Bent Like Beckham 7 - Cassis 0

Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter #1.


Bent Like Beckham (BLB) took to the pitch last Sunday in the first match of 2012. A little rusty and another year older, but each player still able to run a full 23 ˝ m with little or no discomfort. Two minutes to kick off, Team Captain and All Around Great Guy, Tom Beckham approached the sole player for Cassis and said, “Um, either you are really, really good, or the rest of your team is late”? Being a previous winner of the Lady Bing award, BLB agreed to wait another ten minutes to allow Cassis to recruit more players, however, at kick off, Cassis was only able to get another two players and unfortunately had to default. (Another glorious victory for BLB).


In the end, a friendly match was held and was used as a practice to fine tune a few of the more difficult skills for soccer that BLB has struggled with over the years, like running, passing, scoring and goal keeping.

BLB welcomed a few new recruits at our first game such as Craig “Twinkletoes” Beckham, Andrea “Are You Guys Sure You Need Another Goalie” Spice and Cindy “I’m with Tony” Spice. They passed the initial test of correctly identifying a soccer ball, which put them miles ahead of our current squad.

All in all, it was a good start to the year and as our fan club would state, if we had a fan club, this could be the year that BLB finishes in the top six. Good luck and have fun.

Game #2 vs DCL Inter @ 6:30pm – Senator Patrick Burns School



Tom Beckham

Team Captain and All Around Great Guy.