Bent Like Beckham 5  - DCL Inter 4


Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter #2.

BLB took to the pitch last Sunday with Goal Keeping phenomenon, Andrea “I’ve got a firm grip on the balls” Spice. Recently drafted to the Premier League with BLB F.C., Andrea has proven time and time again that she’s not afraid of getting down and dirty and when asked by Craig “I didn’t know she was your sister” Beckham, how she felt about the possibility of having balls in her face for an hour, Andrea responded, “I’ve had worse”. Not really sure where Craig was heading with this conversation, it’s probably best to move on…

Minnie “Don’t call me Millie” Spice, proved again that she was more then just another pretty face with her ability to weave in and out of the DCL Inter defence as well as being able to decipher their ingenious, top secret code – speaking Spanish. With the help of the Collins Pocket Dictionary and several years (since  birth) speaking the language, BLB, just happened to be in the right place at the right time.


Philippe “La BOOM” Beckham, has the honour of scoring BLB’s first goal this season. Obviously the photo to the right shows that DCL Inter was well aware of Philippe’s reputation for breaking windows and narrowly missing old ladies with one of his bone crushing kicks. Continuing the recap and to no one’s surprise, Tracy “Out of my Way” Spice managed to injure no less then four of DCL’s player’s in one half, Sandro “It’s pronounced Kar-ate” Beckham is BLB’s leading goal scorer (I can’t figure it out either) with two goals, followed by Tom “Team Captain and All Around Great Guy” Beckham and Brian “This one’s for you Levi” Beckham.

In other breaking news, Peter “I’m not a Hooter’s waitress” Beckham, continues to sport the unusually bright orange soccer shorts. He suggests when asked, that the bright orange colour is rather slimming. When you’re at our next game, give Peter a wave and say hello, he’ll be happy to take your beer and wing order when he gets a chance.

Game #3 vs. Hungary FC @ 6:30 pm – RB Bennett School





Tom Beckham

Team Captain and All Around Great Guy.