Bent Like Beckham 0                        Hungary FC > 0

Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter #3.


As far as the game recap goes, I’d have to say the biggest surprise of the day came when the members of Hungary FC, actually turned out to be the 2012 Hungarian National Soccer Team. (Naturally, the healthy dose of bovine steroids that Hungary FC is currently taking also had some small influence during the match).

By the second half BLB made the startling discovery that the number of shots on net was not only attributed to the 2012 Hungarian National Soccer Team, and an overabundance of bovine steroids, but also to the fact that Hungary FC had in their possession the “Soccer Kick 3000”. (made in Hungary).

Near the end of the match, with the score counter slowly ticking through double digits, BLB managed to uncover a final item of concern on the Hungary FC Bench, Robots. Naturally, given the fact that BLB was facing the 2012 Hungarian National Soccer Team, an outrageous amount of bovine steroids, the “Soccer Kick3000” and that several members of the opposite side were actually robots, the final outcome was a little easier to understand. (Well, sort of…)

Our next game is this Sunday, please bring all the steroids you can find and any additional Soccer Kick 3000s or Robots not currently in use elsewhere are also welcome.


Get Bent !!!!!!




Tom Beckham

Team Captain and All Around Great Guy.