Bent Like Beckham 7           Shin Kickers 2

Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter #4.


Bent Like Beckham took to the pitch last Sunday against the mighty Shin Kickers, who by the way, also had a red headed girl on their team. In what was to be later known as the “Battle of the Red Heads”, BLB emerged victorious. In searching for a photo of girl soccer players duking it out on the internet (be careful about this type of search), I ended up finding this somewhat dull and lifeless photo. Sorry to everyone on the team that I couldn’t find a soccer photo that wasn’t a little more interesting……………perhaps next time.


As a side note, the annual Shin Kicking Championships are held in Gloucestershire, England every year and I’ve already registered us for the exciting 2012-2013 season. I’ve briefly watched the following video link and it’s quite similar to Tony and Peter fighting over who has to pay for the last round of beer:


Anyways, back to the game. It was literally raining soccer balls at the other end of the field as BLB was taking shot after shot at the Shin Kickers goal and the weird part of it all, most of those shots were actually going in the net. “GOOOOOOOOOOOAAL” was being heard around the pitch as BLB celebrated the ‘Beautiful Game’ with victory laps, high fives and groin pulling cartwheels into the fans.

Uh. Fan.

Our next game is against Jimmy Hat Tricks (Booooo), it will be the classic fight against Good and Evil. Just so everyone knows, we are the Good part of this story.


Get Bent!!!!


Tom Beckham


Team Captain and All Around Great Guy.