Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter  # 12 

Bent Like Beckham vs. Organized Chaos 


I checked the rules and there's definitely nothing in there to say that Organized Chaos COULDN'T set up a force field in their goal to stop all of our shots, so I guess it must be legal. I think our first clue that something was up, should have been the computer nerd on the sidelines operating the force field controls that everyone missed (maybe that's what I tripped over). Anyways, from now on, if anyone sees anything resembling the photo below, please bring it to the Team's attention, so that we can give that little nerd a good butt whipping and turn that darn thing off.....



The Spring Soccer Letter brings you a new feature called:

World Cup Corner.


This letter's topic. The Trophies

 Our first question comes from Bill McDonald, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Bill writes "Dear Coach, what is the Golden Shoe and the Golden Ball and do you have pictures of them"? Great question Bill, The Golden Ball is awarded to the most valuable player during the World Cup and the Golden Shoe to the player who scores the most goals. 

Golden Ball Award  Golden Shoe Award


Our next question comes from Ahmed Mulabalalbulabalemanahshedalum from Sherwood Park, Alberta. Ahmed writes. "What up Coach? I'm wondering if you might have any pictures of the World Cup Trophy"? Of course, silly question. See below in all its glory with Portugal coach Luiz Felipe Scolari.


 We've got time for one last question, this one comes from Mabel Sherwood, from East Dover, Nova Scotia and Mabel writes: "Dear Coach, is it true that in Germany, they allow 7 foot tall lions drive Hyundai's"? Absolutely Mabel, in fact, I even have a picture of Goleo VI below. Enjoy and stay off the Meds.


Spring Soccer Letter #12 brought to you by, " Pirates of the Caribbean ":

Sure to be another Summer Block Buster.


Pirates of Caribbean 2


First match in FIFA 2006

June 09 in Munich  Germany vs. Cost Rica.


Looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday



Tom Beckham

Mr. Soccer 2006