Welcome to the final Spring Soccer Letter #  14   

Bent Like Beckham ( 4 ) vs Organized Chaos  ( 1 )





As Andre Cantor (shown above) is famous once more for saying, the match was just one long GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL... Obviously, the force field that Organized Chaos was operating in game 6, (see Spring Soccer Letter #12), was out of operation because the outcome in this match was completely different, Bent Like Beckham 4, Organized Chaos 1.


Substitute Goalie, Peter "Do you think this rash looks odd" had an outstanding game. Shown below trying to stop one of many shots during the match, why he insists on prancing around the field like one of the cast from Mary Poppins, I'll never know. Peter was later quoted in the locker room, "Whenever I'm in goal, I just picture myself in my happy place, whether that's on the set of the Love Boat, or watching Cagney and Lacey re-runs with a pint of low-fat Ben & Jerry's Butter Pecan, once I strap on my 'Jill", I feel like I could just take on the world - gosh darn it". Thanks Peter, and good luck with your auditions on Queer Eye.




Brian "I've never played soccer before", took the field by storm again, scoring four goals. Whatever performance inducing medication he happens to be taking, I think I can safely speak for the entire team when I say: "Good Job, now start passing them around". Late in the first half, Bent Like Beckham decided to take things easy and let Brian play the last twenty minutes before half-time by himself. That's Brian shown below, taking on Organized Chaos. Nice orange socks.




The Second half started out much the same as the first."GOOOOOOOOOOOOL"...and the Beckham fans went wild....





Team Bent never let up, charging to the left, charging to the right, playing a fantastic game until the final whistle...when a mad dash ensued for the final Kokanee remaining in the Team Cooler...




As always, after the game Team Bent celebrated, with plenty of group hugs and bottom grabbing, Brazilian Super Models, face painting and naturally, copious amounts of the secret ingredient that gives our team it's strength .....CO-OP BEER.





Thanks for a great Spring Season, hopefully you've all enjoyed it as much as I have and we'll see everyone this summer for more Bent Like Beckman fun.






Team Captain and All Around Great Guy


Signing Off....