Spring 2007 Soccer Letter 6˝ Golden Marigold Flower



Game #7:        Postponed



Sometimes it rains in Calgary, and sometimes it pours.  On June 2, it poured.  While tough and rugged teams like Bent Like Beckham played on in the rain anyway, some of the other, gayer, teams did not.  Those teams (hereafter, the “Gay Teams”) played make up games on June 9, while Bent Like Beckham took the weekend off.


But, just because the team did not actually play a game does not mean there is not a ton of stuff to catch up on. 


The Gay Teams played their make up games on Sunday, and when the mud settled, Bent Like Beckham finished the season in 4th place.  This means that BLB will be in the top playoff grouping and will be playing for the League Championship, and the handsome T-Shirts that go with it.  It’s destiny … first the Lady Bing, now the League Championship.  We are all going to need bigger closets for our T-shirt collections. 


Bent Like Beckham begins it’s Quest for The T-Shirts™ on Sunday against the first Jimmy Hat Tricks at Ecole Rose Sauvage, 2512 4 Street NW.   This is the same team that killed us in the first game of the season, so it’s time for a little payback.  OK, a whole lot of payback.  Get ready for some payback Jimmy Hat Tricks, cuz payback is coming your way.



The playoffs begin June 17 – Let the Wild Rumpus start!

(Paris is sad because she won’t be able to see the big game this Sunday, what with being in jail and all …)


A few other teams also have some big games this weekend.  Team Canada has qualified for the playoff round at the CONCACAF[1] Gold Cup and takes on Guatemala on Saturday morning.   This tournament will crown the soccer champion of North and Central America.   Since they are going to play the game anyway, we might as well take this chance to gamble on it.  As Summer always says, “soccer is a lot more fun if you have a little juice on the games.”  We therefore announce the Bent Like Beckham Invitational Gold Cup Soccer Pool.  Participation is, of course, mandatory. 


The rules are as simple as can be – complete the bracket on the next page and send your picks to Tom or Peter.  You get one point for correctly picking each of the quarter final winners, 2 points for correctly picking the semi-final winners and 4 points for picking the Gold Cup Champ.  Tom will personally buy a pint for the team member with the highest aggregate score.  In the case of a tie, Tom will buy two pints.  Thanks, Tom.


Official Bent Like Beckham Gold Cup Pool Entry Form

(complete this page and return to Tom)


My name is ___________________________ (0 Points)


Complete the following bracket:















United States









Gold Cup Champ














Costa Rica



In Other Soccer News:

·               Team Chairman for Life, David Beckham, has returned to the English National Side and played a key role in England’s 3-nil win over Estonia on Wednesday.  England now sits in 4th place in Group E in Euro 2008 qualifying.  It will take all of the Chairman’s prodigious soccer talents to get his team into the big tournament, but there is no doubt he can do it.

·               Dave Beckham also leads his club team, Real Madrid, into the Spanish league championship match on Sunday.  Just like the soccer team named in his honour, Beckham is on fire these days.  Real Madrid, which decided not to renew his contract this year are now scrambling to buy him back from the LA Galaxy.  Good luck with that 

Posh at the Glamour Awards – June 17

Posh at the MTV Movie Awards – June 3

Does that look like a soccer wife who wants to move back to Madrid from LA?  I don’t think so, Real Madrid.  Ha Ha.

·               Napoli (Naples) tied their final game of the season to clinch second place in the Serie B Division of the Italian Soccer League.  This means they have been promoted to the Serie A Division.  The bad news is, this means that Sofia Loren will be making good on her pledge to strip naked, so the world is about to see Sofia’s Naples.  


In a related story, it came to my attention this week that the Pink Pony is not only a delightful slushy beverage, it is also a gentlemen's club in Atlanta. 


Here are some actual real reviews actually written by actual people who have actually visited the actual Pink Pony: 


·               They had a girl there that looked like she used to be a man.  One of the bartenders was pregnant and as big as a house.  I would not recommend this place if every other bar in Atlanta burned down!

·               You'll need a shower when you leave here.  The carpet looks like it's seen decades of hard use, and the bathrooms are frightening.

·               Best strip club in Atlanta??  Only if you're sporting Special Olympics-esque beer goggles.  I picked the ugliest Amazon stripper beast there and adopted her out of pity.  My crew found this very funny.



[1] The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football