Spring 2007 Soccer Letter 6¾  Golden Marigold Flower



Game #7: Still Postponed



And the rain fell upon the land for forty days and forty nights.


And the water prevailed more and more upon the land, so that all the high hills everywhere under the sky were covered.

And all flesh that moved on the land perished, birds and cattle and beasts and every swarming thing that swarms upon the land, and all mankind


That was pretty much how it was on Sunday. It rained. And rained and rained and rained. And then it rained some more.


ß I saw the guy down the road building one of these


So, around 5 PM we called the whole thing off. And then the sun came out. Figures.


Because of the Rain, the Jimmy Hat Tricks have to wait another week to get Bent Like Beckham. But Bent they will get. Just Like Beckham.


Game time is 2 PM Sunday at Spruce Cliff, followed by the Championship Match at 6:30 against Scoregasm at Rose Sauvage. In between matches we can catch the final of the Gold Cup, between the USA and Mexico. It will be Soccer Fest Sunday.


Speaking of the Gold Cup, Mr. Brian Townsend has clinched the victory pint in the Bent Like Beckham Gold Cup Pool. Brian’s strategy of ‘picking all of the favorites in every game’ (also known as the “chicken shit strategy”) proved to be the winning one.


As of this writing, a correctly completed bracket looks rather like this:







United States










Gold Cup Champ










Costa Rica






















In Other Soccer News:

·               The Gold Cup has not been entirely without controversy -- two players apparently defected from the Cuban national soccer team before Wednesday's Gold Cup match against Honduras. During a news conference after the game, won by Honduras 5-0, Cuban coach Raul Gonzalez explained, “They went for the gold. I hope they don't end up with thorns. The ones who take another road take it because they want to take it.”

I have no idea what any of that means. Perhaps they defected because their coach was freaking looney tooney.

·               Canada failed to qualify for the Gold Cup Final because the Mexican referee like the Americans better. I don’t know why he hates Canada so much. Maybe it’s all the rain. Anyway, here’s how the last moments of the Gold Cup semi final went down:

Down 2-1 and pressing in stoppage time, Canadian striker Atiba Hutchinson found himself behind the American defence and beat veteran American goalkeeper Kasey Keller for the apparent game tying goal. But Mexican referee Benito Archundia (hereinafter referred to as “El Cockbiter”) waved the goal off, ruling that Hutchinson was offside. Seconds later, El Cockbiter blew the final whistle and the game went into the books as a 2-1 victory for the United States.

However, replays clearly showed that the ball went off U.S. defender Oguchi Onyewu, and that Canadian attackers were even with the last American defender, meaning the goal should have counted.

It's not the first time Canada has been at odds with El Cockbiter. The referee called two late fouls against Canada in a World Cup qualifier with Honduras on Sept. 4, 2004. El Cockbiter awarded Honduras a late penalty kick which led to the game-tying goal. Then a potential go-ahead goal by Canadian forward Olivier Occean was negated by a second foul and the game ended 1-1.

·               Team Chairman for Life, Dave Beckham, led his club team, Real Madrid, to victory Spanish league championship match on Sunday. But, he hurt his ankle and his American debut with the LA Galaxy is currently scheduled to take place … whenever.


No defections and no Mexican Cockbiters are expected on Sunday. Bent Like Beckham is poised for victory