This is it, the last Spring Soccer Letter.  Great season everyone, even if we lost and it rained a lot at the end. 


Stay tuned, regular programming will resume shortly.  Tom will be back with Summer Soccer Letter Number One in 2 short weeks.


In the meantime, a crack team of dedicated soccer fans will be in Edmonton on July 5 to cheer Team Canada on to victory in the U21 World Cup.


Go Bend It Team Canada!! 


Bend It Like Beckham!!







Spring 2007 Soccer Letter 8  Golden Marigold Flower






Game #7:      Bent Like Beckham:    6      Turf Dribblers:   9







Well          that sucked.











Game Highlights:

1.                  It rained rather a lot.

2.                 Tracy had 2 goals, Tom only had one.  Tracy got to wield the paddle Sunday night.  Easy does it, Tracy, easy does it.

3.                 Peter had a pretty good game.  Summer got another header.

4.                 That’s about it, actually. 



It rained a bit Sunday night.   Here’s Tony, waiting for the elephants and giraffes to start lining up 2 X 2


What the hell?  The keeper has an umbrella?  Who does he think he is?  The Penguin?

Real keepers block the raindrops with their fists.


Brian commented that the beautiful rainbow that appeared in the first half was an ‘almond of things to come.’

Yeah, Brian is a little nuts.


There’s Des in full flight.  I love watching this girl run.  It’s sort of like watching a new born giraffe taking her first steps. Pure grace and elegance.


There’s Brian scoring another goal.



Holy shit, that is one good looking guy.


Okay, this is really just a gratuitous picture of some soccer players and a hot chick.

To give it some context, let’s say the chick is Des.  I mean, it could be, right?  She has a tattoo.

And that guy in the front row with the blue shirt, that sort of looks like Tony.  

And there’s Philippe beside him. 

The bug eyed guy in the red shirt is obviously Brian and the fat guy in the back row … I have no idea who that is.  

Piss off, fat guy in the back row.



In Other Soccer News:

·               The Spice Girls are getting back together.  No way, you say?  Way, I say.  

How can this go wrong?  You got 5 middle aged chicks lip synching badly to songs that sucked a decade ago.  It will be like a bunch of secretaries at karaoke night, only way, way way more expensive.

·               Posh Spice still has a fucking leather floor in her closet. 

 Summer League starts July 8, 2007.    GO BEND IT!!!!!