Spring Soccer Letter No. 1

Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter No. 1. 

If you are reading this, then you are one of the few, the proud:  the stalwart men and women of Bent Like Beckham FC, an esteemed football tradition since 2006. 

The Team is playing in the Rec every Sunday night.  There are 13 other  teams in the league this year and a Top 12 finish is not out of the question. 

The League Schedule can be found at this easily remembered URL:


The schedule is also accessible from the official Bent Like Beckham FC website, www.bentlikebeckham.com.  Bookmark it now, visit it often, and feel free to e-mail cheques to the webmaster anytime the fancy takes you.

The first game of Bent Like Beckham's glorious 2011 season will be against The Fottball (??) Factory at Alice Curtis School, 9711 Academy Drive SE at 6:30 PM on Sunday night.  Your prompt attendance is mandatory.  Tony promises to buy a post-match margarita for all female players who show up on time.

Get Bent!


In other soccer news:


What is Team Chairman for Life, David Beckham, C.B.E. up to this weekend?  Well, I am glad you asked.  He was one of the honoured guests who attended the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the middle of the night on Friday.  (Why did they get married at 3 in the morning anyway?  Seems dreadfully inconvenient for all involved.  But, I digress).  David had to skip practice to make the trip, but he will be part of the starting 11 at Pizza Hut Park when the LA Galaxy take on FC Dallas on Sunday afternoon.  At least they don't play in the middle of the night.

Here's Becks at the wedding, nattily attired in Ralph Lauren, accompanied by Posh in a posh maternity gown of her own design, topped with a saucy hat from Paul Tracey.  Her shoes are, naturally, by Christian Laboutin.  Who else?

Stuart reports that he watched the wedding in his best BVDs, together with matching Hush Puppy slippers.

Long live the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Now, bring on the Fottball (??) Factory.  We've got some soccer to play.  Go bend it