Spring Soccer Letter No. 3

Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter No. 3, the long awaited chronicle of the night that the bold men and women of Bent Like Beckham F.C. strode forth onto the pitch to face the fearsome Awesomeballs, whose balls were neither as fearsome, nor as awesome, as you might think.  They could play a little footy, however.

The team was joined by new recruit, Minnie, making her debut in blue Beckham silks.  But since there was not a shirt for her, she went for a perky  grey cotton number by Calvin Klein instead.  She did not look out of place at all.


Minnie demonstrates the bicycle kick that made her famous.

Bent Like Beckham 3 - Team Awesomeballs 8

It was a windy night on the Collingwood pitch.  Perhaps that is why Bent Like Beckham blew on this night.  The Awesomeballs scored early and often, and had tap danced their way to a 5-nil lead when Team Captain, and all around good guy, Tom broke down the right wing.  Philippe was unmarked and wide open, but after all these years, Tom was not about to start passing the ball now.  He made his usual inside out move, broke to the outside as usual and sent the usual desperate kick at the goal from the usual impossible angle. 

Everyone was expecting the pass, including the goalie.    And when the kick came, he looked over expectedly to Philippe waiting for him to receive the pass, then looked back as the ball unexpectedly squeezed by the post.

Beckham was on the board, and there was no stopping them.  The next time Tom got the ball, he raced down the right side, looked over at Peter, completely alone at the top of the crease, and once again took a pass on making the pass.  Instead, he lofted another hopeless shot at the goal.  The goalie slid over to play the obvious pass and Tom's second goal in as many minutes skipped over the line. 

Then the Awesomeballs mounted a furious counter-attack.  There were awesome balls everywhere.  No matter where you looked, it was balls.  Balls to the left, balls to the right, balls flapping around up the middle.  Balls, balls, balls.  Brigitte and Tracy did all they could, but neither of them was used to handling balls like these. Neither was Stuart, who was so overwhelmed by all the balls coming his way, that he yielded the keeper's mantle to Sandro for a bit.  And while it has always been said that if anyone knows how to deal with a lot of balls, it's Sandro, for once even he had more balls than he could handle. 

The Awesomeballs got 3 more before Dave ripped his first of the year and then finally, mercifully, the final whistle blew and we could stop writing about balls at last.

Highlight of the Night

There were brilliant plays all over the pitch, but some highlights were higher than others.  Who can forget Tony's huge header?  The one that flew straight up into the air like a Saturn V rocket, hung up there a bit, and then came crashing back down to the ground only inches from his nose. 

Who can forget Dave racing to the back line to save a ball from going out and then doing a tight rope walk along the line before turning what would otherwise be a goal kick into a corner kick for the opposing side. 

Much as we might want to forget these things, we likely never will.

In other soccer news:

Instead of practicing with his team, the LA Galaxy, this week, David Beckham once again jumped on a jet plane to England to attend a state dinner hosted by President Obama for the Queen at Winfield House, the home of the US ambassador in London.  While the Galaxy players ate a pre game meal of pasta and gatorade, Barry, Liz and Dave dined on highland beef, lobster ravioli, crushed jersey royals, asparagus and minted broad beans., with pecan pie and brandy ice cream for desert. 

I could not find any photos of Beckham and the Obamas, so here are a few shots of David working out on the beach in his underpants. 



Ladies, don't say we never do anything for you.

Bent Like Beckham plays it's next game against the Fast Feet at 6:30 PM sharp at RB Bennett School.   Their feet may be fast, their balls may be awesome, but their hearts will surely be broken by the end of the night.


Get Bent!