Spring Soccer Letter No. 5

Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter No. 5.  No, you have not missed Spring Summer Soccer Letter No. 4.  But, unfortunately it exists only in the chaotic imagination of Team Captain, Tom  he is an all around good guy, but the timely distribution of soccer letters is not one of his all around good qualities. 

So, while we all wait for that, let's skip ahead and see how things turned out that sunny Sunday when Bent Like Beckham faced down Qapla'.  Qapla', of course, is the Klingon word for "success"' and is rendered in Klingon thusly:


Sadly for Qapla', there is no word in the Klingon language for "unsuccess", so now they are going to have to make one up. 

Minnie found her way to he pitch this time, with the aid of a rented GPS system and a Sherpa guide.  It was good to have her back.  Claudia finally got clearance from the Bent Like Beckham team doctors to come off of the injured reserve list for her 2011 debut. 


She also brought along Snowball, the new team mascot.



Klingons also have no word for "fear" but with Minnie and Claudia on the pitch, and Snowball on the sidelines, Qapla' had a lot to fear on this night.

Bent Like Beckham 5-

InsertedImage  4[1]

Time was called and the Team gathered on the sidelines and agreed unanimously that the first half never happened.  And so it didn't.  But they pledged to win the second half. And so they did.

Bent Like Beckham grunted the usual "Get Bent!" cheer, then tore onto the pitch  and proceeded to teach Qapla' how to say "success" in a whole bunch of other languages.  Tony struck early, with a tough shot from a difficult spot. "Succès!" shouted Philippe.  Then Tony slipped through the defense, scooped up a loose ball and potted another one.  "¡Éxito!" Minnie and Claudia shouted with one voice.

Qapla' scored one, but then were turned away again and again by Stuart and the Bent defense. It bent in the second only half, but it would not break.  Claudia led the way, taking the ball, taking names and even taking the odd number.

Meanwhile, the offense kept taking the game to Qapla'.  Patrick came close, then Peter and Dave came even closer, before Tracy lofted a high floating ball under the bar and into the back of the net.   "успех!" exclaimed Patrick.  "επιτυχία!"  yelled Peter.   "成功!" shouted Dave.

Then Tom scored a pretty one (erfolg!) before Tony completed a hat trick the hard way (having scored a goal earlier in the first half that never happened).   Time was finally called, with Bent Like Beckham walking off of the field as 5-4 victors.


In other soccer news:

·         Last night at the Gold Cup, Canada defeated Guadaloupe 1-nil to move into third place in Group C.  Sure, Guadaloupe is not actually a real country (it is an "overseas region of France") and sure, Canada's lone goal came on a pretty iffy penalty call, but it was still a win. 

Go Canada!!  Success!!

·         It pays to be rich and famous.  Apparently, the three Beckham boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz have a bad case of Bieber Fever.  Earlier this week, Justin surprised the family by sending each of the boys an autographed guitar.  Victoria reported the news on her Twitter page thusly:


The kids are reported to love the Biebs so much that they wanted to name the  soon to arrive fourth Beckham offspring "Justin Bieber Beckham."  It was since learned that the next spawn of Beckham will be a girl.  Now the preferred name is "Justine Bieber Beckham".

I couldn't bring myself to put a picture of Bieber in the Soccer Letter, so here's a picture of David Beckham on a horse:


Bent Like Beckham plays its next game against Scoregasm at 6:30 PM sharp at Rosemont School, 19 Rosevale Drive NW.   We are going to beat these guys this time, we really are. 

Get Bent!


[1] Who won this game?  It all depends on how you define "success".