Spring 2007 Soccer Letter #3   Golden Marigold Flower                                                                                                             




Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter #3.


Game #2.:           Bent Like Beckham:  5             Turfdribblers:  8



Last game was a roller coaster of events and was a bit like watching an episode of Coronation Street – you’re pretty sure they’re speaking English, but you’re not exactly sure what it is they’re trying to tell you.


At the end of the game, we had some super saves by our Goalie Stu, some great goals by Tom, Tracy, Rannie, Steve and Philippe and some outstanding plays by Desiree, Summer, Lisa, Tony, Peter, Laura and a guest appearance by Brian, who flew 10,000 km to make the game.   Good Job Brian.  


This next section is brought to you by the good writers of the David Letterman Show.

Text Box: Top 10 Signs that you are playing on Bent Like Beckham

10. You’ve just come off the field after 90 minutes of grueling soccer in +30C sunshine completely parched and you open the lid on the Cooler only to find Diet Pepsi and Lite Beer, so you close the lid and decide to wait.

9. Someone yells at you to “Get Bent” and you find yourself saying, “Thanks”.

8. You start stopping Hippies in the street and say “Hey, nice shirt man”.

7. No matter how many times someone explains it, the Offside Rule is still a mystery.

6. Balls Jokes, there’s no end to them and they just keep getting funnier and funnier.

5. You find yourself enjoying the sideline chatter as much as the game.

4. Your Post Game exercises typically involve beer and wings.

3. Hitting the goal post is actually considered a good thing.

2. Laughing at each other is considered part of the game.  

And the number one sign that you are playing on Bent Like Beckham is…

1.  You start receiving Soccer Letters…. and they’re brilliant.  Simply brilliant.








































That’s it folks, it’s a short letter and I’ll see everyone soon.


Tom Beckham


Team Captain and All Around Great Guy

Voted Cristiano Ronaldo Look-A-Like 2007


[Editor’s Note:  pffffffffffft – As if.  Cristiano Ronaldo looks like this: