From: Tom

To: Amanda; Brian; Carly; Elisha; Kristo; Philippe; Paul; Peter; Stuart; Tony; Tracy

Subject: Spring Soccer Letter #4

You can almost feel the Tension in the Air.....

Team Name - After much deliberation, and a whole lot of confusion, our Team Name is.....Bent Like Beckham. It's short, soccer related and some might even consider, witty. And in honour of one of the greatest soccer players to ever marry Posh Spice, play for Manchester United, England and whatever Spanish Team he seems to be on at the moment, I have included a photo of him below. Odds are, if Tracy, Amanda, Carly or Elisha ever had second thoughts about our team name, I'm sure after seeing young Davids photos below, they're no longer worried about it. Although he's no "29 year old Doctor", I'm sure his $100 million fortune, and chiselled good looks more than make up for it.

 Team Uniforms: That's right, our Team T-Shirts are finally in, and yes, they are PURPLE. Why on earth do we have purple T-Shirts? Well, there were 12 of them when I went looking for shirts, there were 7 blue and 9 red, which in a way make purple, but I wasn't about to start sewing T-Shirts together. There were also an abundant amount of grey, yellow and pink T-Shirts, but that just made the choice more obvious. So PURPLE it is. I have 4 Large (No XL) and 8 Medium. I figured that Tony, Stuart, Peter and someone else would take the Large and either squeeze into them or hopefully start running a bit more on the field and not have to worry about it, and the rest of us Mediums, that in no way points to the possibility that Tony, Stuart and Peter have drunk more beer than the rest of the team combined, it only references their substantial girth and other oddly disproportionate dimensions.

Scoring Goals and Celebrating on the Field. Naturally, once Philippe, Elisha or Kristo touch the ball, our expectations are that a goal will be promptly scored. The photo below shows how exciting scoring a goal will be in the Calgary Rec-League that we are set to dominate. Although this type of celebrating is a good photo opportunity for all of the Calgary Herald photographers that will no doubt be crowding around the field to take pictures of us, lets not get too carried away.

 Schedule: The Schedule comes out in a day or two, at the very last minute, when it does, I will let everyone know.

 What does the Golden Ball look like? Look below. FIFA World Cup(tm) Organising Committee chairman Franz Beckenbauer has unveiled the golden match ball which will be used at the FIFA World Cup Final in Berlin on 9 July. This is a rare opportunity to see the Golden Ball, unless you've been at the Pub with Peter on a Saturday night after a few beers and he's retelling his Summer of '84 story again. I don't understand it myself, but it just adds to the mystery that Peter brings to the team.

Well that's about it for today, and to end this letter I've included a photo of Pele, the greatest soccer player in the world, after Stuart that is.





Team Photographer and Fashion Critic.