Spring Soccer Letter #5


Well, 48 hours to our first game and still no news on the schedule from the Club, so I've provided a link to the schedule below so that in case it isn't posted soon, you will be able to check on things over the weekend. I will be at the field on Sunday 15 minutes before the start, so just look for the good looking guy standing around with a dazed look and wearing a stylish PURPLE t-shirt. Speaking of shirts, I will bring the PURPLE ones with me, but also bring a white t-shirt as well, just in case a million to one shot that another team shows up in PURPLE. Don't forget to bring water with you.


Do I have any tips for the weekend?

Yes, make sure the waiver is completed and watch the following Movie 47 times


Bend It Like Beckham


Change in Game Format

Also, I happened to notice that the game format is different from what I had originally understood it to be, instead of 60 minutes, the games are 80 minutes with a 5 minutes half time. In other words, if we start at 6:00pm, we should be done by 7:25pm. Also, there may be an odd 8:00pm game which would have us finish at 9:25pm. Not the best times on a Sunday night, but it's still going to be a lot of fun.


Weather Report for Sunday

High is only supposed to be 8C.  


The Other Teams

What kind of competition should we be expecting in this extremely competitive, bottom of the league division that we find ourselves in? Well, here are a few Team Photos from last summer that I've pulled from the site for your viewing pleasure. Not too bright looking and I don't see any other teams that have matching PURPLE t-shirts, so I think we're good to go. The only person that I'm concerned about is the bald bruiser in the bottom photo, right hand side.

That's about it, I'm off to the movies right now with my wonderful family, so I won't be home to read all of the exciting bits of information that you may have regarding obscure topics such as our projected beer consumption. But I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.

One more inspiring photo of our Club Chairman, Mr. David Beckham.





David Beckham Look-a-Like