Bent Like Beckham 2   vs.  The Lazy Susans 1


In a stunning come from behind, Team Bent stole the thunder from the Lazy Susans (not just a clever Team Name) and pulled off a stunning 2-1 win at Alice Curtis School yesterday evening. The crowd of Bent Supporters, all four of them, leapt into a crazed frenzy of cheers from the sidelines as they supported their champions onto another thrilling victory. Team Captain and All Around Great Guy, Tom, was quoted as saying "I think the real turning point in the match was when we figured out that we needed to start scoring goals to win".


The superb team work of the Bent Like Beckham Team was shown in their starting line up of Philippe "Iron Foot", Stuart "The Wall" (also known to his fans as "One Lung"), Amanda "Exactly what position am I playing" and Carly "Where the frick is our free beer", Elisha "Keep your hands off my balls", Tracy "Did we win", Tony "Will someone kiss my knee", and Peter "Golden Balls" led a stampede to the opposing goal that could not be matched. At Half Time, the score was Bent 0, Lazy 1, but the underdog attitude of Team Bent really started to shine through as they drove 2 goals in a row back behind the net.


The bouncing ball was driven up field by Team Bent towards the dynamic husband and wife duo, Tom and Tracy, who managed a stylish give and go to even the score at 1-1. A few minutes later, with the support of the entire field in our sporty lavender shirts, Peter "Golden Balls" brought in the game winning goal with only minutes to spare. When asked what part of the goal was Peter aiming for, he responded, "I wasn't. I just kicked the ball really really, really, hard and hoped that it would go in".


Congratulations to everyone on our first victory for Bent Like Beckham


All joking aside, I thought it was a ton of fun and was really happy to see how much everyone was enjoying themselves yesterday. Good exercise, lots of laughs and great weather. Of course it's always nice to win, but I think for our group, we're just happy to run around and get in the way of the other team, which we did plenty of that on Sunday. If the points were scored on having fun, laughing at stupid things, shouting from the sidelines, seeing Peter lifting his shirt up and manhandling himself, having our own cheer, the constant shouts of "Good Job", "Way to Go" and "Hurray", and generally just getting in there and kicking the other person in the shins, the real score would have been 1000-1.





Go Flames Go