Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter #7



When asked, how Bent Like Beckham will fare against Osler United tonight, Club Chairman, David Beckham, had this to say:.......



Thanks Dave, we’ll be sure to keep that in mind …


Are we playing tonight? YES





Rose Sauvage #16

Osler United vs  Bent Like Beckham


The Sunday leagues are a RAIN or SHINE league. Which means, we show up and try to play if it's 25C or 5C. Naturally if we show up and it's snowing, we'll all go for a pint. But the trick of Sunday nights is that unfortunately, we have to show up regardless. If we don't and the other team does, they win 7-0. Sad but true.


Link to the Soccer Schedule so you know where & when to show up:



Who are Osler United? 

Osler United are a bunch of communists who hate everything that "Bent Like Beckham" stands for: Hockey, Tim Hortons, Pints of FREE Beer, girls in summer dresses, Hockey, Winning the Lottery, Beckham and Posh Spice and finally, yes, Hockey. That being said, tonight is more than just a soccer game, we're playing for every free man, woman and child in the world that ever had their pint of free beer spilled on their summer dress in Tim Hortons while sitting with Beckham and Posh watching a Hockey Game.


Where is Rose Sauvage #16? SEE BELOW


West soccer field
Goal post # S1MOP16

2512  4 Street NW

District:  “West Mount Pleasant”

This school is on the EAST side of 4th Street NW at 25th Avenue. Formerly Queen’s Park School


Will Carly and Amanda be providing Team Long Johns for tonight? NO.

If so, will they be purple as well? Again, still NO.

Temperature today 7C (Chance of Showers)


Will we have our stylish Purple Shirts to wear tonight?

From what I understand, our Carly and Amanda have put together some very impressive soccer shirts for us. Tacky? Yes. Still Purple? Yes. Controversial? Definitely. However,  I'm sure they're just the thing to speed ourselves onward to a stunning fourth place finish in this league. Will the photo look anything like the one below? Probably not, if only for the reason that the one below might have too many clothes on in comparison to the ones that Carly and Amanda were no doubt looking at.



I'll see everyone at the game tonight for some more fun.





David Beckham Look-a-Like