Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter #8


The Freight Train known in the Rec League as "Bent Like Beckham", hit a stray cow (Below Left) on the tracks last Sunday night and needless to say, had a small hiccup on their way to total domination of the Sunday night League. After numerous attempts to have the Osler United Squad tested for steroids, especially those three guys that were probably on loan from Manchester United, Team Bent stars Tracy and Elisha (In the Yellow Jerseys below) managed to get ahold of one of the Osler United players (Shown in Red) to congratulate him on a good game. Team Captain, Tom had this to say about the incident: "Uh....". However, things were not all lost as Bent Like Beckham managed to improve their goals scored by 50%, which needless to say, required a small celebration at BP's with a Team Jug (4L of our secret weapon).





Final Score: Bent Like Beckham (3)  - Osler United (A few more than 3).


A special mention goes out to Team Bent's Goalie Extraordinaire, Stuart "The Wall" who's size 15 hands took a pelting from team Osler's soccer stars. Bent Like Beckham’s Star Defensive Squad, Philippe, Peter, Paul, Tom and Brian (Shown Below), put up an impenetrable wall of their own in front of the goal. But Team Bent's philosophy is Fun First and I can honestly say that I had more fun on Sunday at the game we lost at, then the previous Sunday when we actually won. (Nothing beats kicking strangers in the shins when you're down a few goals.) When asked if he had any advice for the kids in the stands watching the match, Star Goalie Stuart replied: "Max out your RRSP contributions with a diversified portfolio. Energy and Precious metals, think about it".  Not soccer related, but good advice all the same.




Apart from the number of goals improving on Team Bent, the underdogs of the League won the coveted +1 in Spirit Points. That's right, it's official, we're actually fun to play against. When asked if we earned the well deserved Spirit Points that showed what a great, easy going, fun and friendly team we are, Team Stars Amanda and Carly had this to say: "Those *%$#@#%$'s  better have given us a 1" ,Team Captain, Tom had this to say about the comment: "Uh....". What made the +1 Spirit Point all the more rewarding was seeing that "The Lazy Susans", our initial rivals that we played against our first night, only managed a -1 from their last game, which definitely showed that they are not very fun to play against.


Last Sunday was also the official roll out of Bent Like Beckham's official Home Jersey (NOT shown below). Naturally Purple, the Jersey comes in two styles: The "Beckham" for the men on the team, features a nicely outfitted Posh Spice, wearing a purple nighty with a "Devil May Care" look, and the "Posh", with a half naked David Beckham on the front for the ladies of the team. A special thanks goes out to Carly for her creativity on the Team numbers  and Amanda for the  45 hours of printing/ironing/folding/washing/etc etc.



Our Next Game: We're back at the same field we just played at.



Rose Sauvage #16

Jimmy Hat Tricks vs Bent Like Beckman


That's about it, keep having fun and I'll see you at the next game.


Tom Beckham

Mr. Calgary 2006.