Welcome to Spring Soccer Letter # 9 


Last Sunday saw the clash of two Titans in the Rec Soccer League, "Jimmy Hat Tricks" and "Bent Like Beckham" at Rose Sauvage Stadium. The Crowds of Bent Supporters went wild with non-stop chants of "Go! Mommy Go!". Star players Tracy and recent LuLu Lemon Spokes-Model, Carly, completed their first 1/2 marathon at the game in just under 80 minutes, contributing their success to clean living, plenty of rest and exercise and a healthy tolerance for beer.



             Beer + Soccer = :)              



Unknown Star Brian scored the loan goal for Team Bent with a colorful display of soccer know-how. Upon review of the instant replay, it wasn't really clear which part of Brian scored the goal but, it looked great all the same. Afterwards Brian was heard commenting "You know, I've always like small dogs, they're so cuddly". Not really sure what that means, but congratulations on the goal Brian,


A celebrity player joined team "Jimmy Hat Tricks" last Sunday, Maradona? No. Zidane? No. Pele? No. It was Side Show Bob.  Although his moves were quite impressive (for a cartoon), he is shown below in "white" talking with Bent Spokesman, Peter. When asked to comment on the incident, Team Bent Coach and All Around Great Guy, Tom stated, "Well, it wasn't exactly a Spirit Point moment, but it was rewarding all the same.........."

David Beckham Soccer Quiz (brought to you by Irish Spring / Club Sponsor)


1. David Beckham was born in                                a. London b. Manchester c. Edinburgh


2. His nickname is                                                  a. Becks.   b. Hammy.   c. Bem. 


3.  His wife’s name is                                             a. Melanie.   b. Geri.  c. Victoria.


4 . How much is his wedding ring worth?                 a. £8,000   b. £18,000  c. £80,000


5. In 2000, he was voted                                         a. Best player in the world b. 2nd Best c. 3rd Best



A special thanks goes out to Team Beckham Goalie Stuart, Star Defense Philippe and Star Striker Paul for arranging the half time show brought to you by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. A huge motivation for the Team. Thank you. An additional thank you goes out to Star Midfielder Tony for keeping his mitts off the cheerleaders for the full 80 minutes.



Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next game



Team Coach/Manager/Star Player and Spokesperson for Irish Spring