Summer Soccer Letter #0


If you have received this letter then you are lucky enough to be a member in good standing of the greatest soccer football team in the world, Bent Like Beckham F.C. (est. 2006).

Bent Like Beckham lays waste to its woefully unimpressive competition every Sunday night (long weekends excepted) at 6:30 PM.  The team`s first game in the Summer season is on Sunday July 8, 2007.  Yes, that is during Stampede week.  So is the second game on the following Sunday.   Playing soccer with a hangover is fun and good for you.

As of this writing we do not know the location of our first game or our first opponent.   The schedule will be posted on the Calgary Sport and Social Club website a couple of days before the game.  If you surf around the website you will eventually find it.  As soon as we know where we are playing, we`ll send an e-mail around.

Stuff newbies need to know:

1.             The executive committee of BLB FC has fronted the entire entry fee for the whole team ($410).  We have about 10 people on the active roster at any given time, so everyone needs to kick in $40 for the privilege of `feeling the burn` at around the 20 minute mark every game.

Actually, people who are not newbies need to know this also.  It`s $40.  Pay up you deadbeats.

2.            The Calgary Sports and Social Club requires everyone who participates in their leagues to complete a waiver if they want to play.  The waiver is online and is available by clicking here.  So, take two minutes and do it right now.

Again, this is one of those non-newbie things also.  We`ll get around to the real newbie stuff right about … now.

3.            Bent Like Beckham has its very own website, which can be found at the aptly named URL (recently celebrating its 1000 visitor!  Woo Ha!).  The league schedule and standings can be accessed from the Bent Like Beckham home page.   Pictures, stats and other amusing stuff can also be found there.

4.            We`re not very good, but we`re getting better.  We don`t expect to win every game, but it is a lot of fun when we do.   It is also a lot of fun when we don`t. 

5.            The team cheer is a little complicated because it has two whole words in it.  Fortunately, each word has only one syllable, so after the first 15 or so tries you should be able to get the hang of it.  It goes …. `Get …… Bent!`  You may wish to practice this at home for a couple of hours before the first game.

6.            Bent Like Beckham dresses in handsome tie dyed shirts with a variety of logos ironed on to them.  In fact, we have more logos than we have players. 


So, you need to find a shirt, and some dye.  We can get you an iron on.  If you don`t like the Posh and Becks logos, we have a few other novelty logos we can use in a pinch: 

Is a popular choice. 

Is also very popular with the kids.

7.             There is no point 7.


In Other Soccer News:


·               NBC will air an “exclusive look inside the life of international superstar Victoria Beckham as she makes the move across the pond from London to Los Angeles” in an hour-long television special "Victoria Beckham: Coming to America" on Monday, July 16.

·               David Beckham and the LA Galaxy will be playing an exhibition match against Sydney FC on November 27.  Som if you can’t make it to LA to see Becks play this summer, you can always head to Australia in the winter.  Beckham expects to make his debut with the LA Galaxy on July 21 in an exhibition match against Chelsea. 

·               Tom has already called dibs on the television and the comfy chair on the evenings of July 16 and 21st.

·               Team Canada lost their first game in the U20 World Cup to Chile by a score of 3-nil.  And on Canada Day no less.  The elite expeditionary squad of Bent Like Beckham team members who are heading to Edmonton to see the Canada play Austria on Thursday night expect much, much better things.

·               Go CANADA Go!!!