Here we go again....

Welcome to Summer Soccer Letter #1.

First off, if you're reading this email, you've somehow, somewhere, through someone, whether drunk or sober, managed to agree to play for one of the best soccer teams in the City. However, if you find yourself reading this email on Monday morning and don't actually remember playing soccer the night before, then you've already missed our first game on Sunday and you're a complete dumbass.


Fees. Assuming we're all in, then the fees are $30 each. Should you bring your cheque on Sunday? Yes, absolutely. For those of you that are new, our team shirts (t-shirts) were picked up from Sears and come in a nice Lavender/dark purple colour and are about $7-$8. Our Team Logos are David Beckham and Posh Spice iron-ons.

Waiver - This HAS to be done, even if you played in the Spring.

Schedule - Our first game is this Sunday at 6:30 at our favorite field - Alice Curtis, and we're playing Side Show Bob's Team - Jimmy Hat Tricks. If you're new, here's the link for you to find your way out there. 


New People Stuff

Rules - Link:

Weather Policy - Simple. If it's raining, we still meet at the field and we've played in the rain twice so far. If we show up and don't have enough people, we automatically lose the game something like 7-0, (really) plus the kicker, a team fine of I believe, $25. Link:

Player Info Link



Thatís all I've got tonight.


I'll see you there on Sunday.


Tom Beckham

Team Captain and all around great guy.

Go France Go