Welcome to Summer Soccer and welcome to Summer Soccer Letter No. 1.

Your regular Soccer Letter scribe, Tom, is canoeing the Gulf Islands with Tony.  To make matters worse, he did not write any soccer letters before he left.  To make matters way, way more even worse, he took our best player (Tracy) with him. 

Thanks a lot, Tom.  Way to take one for the team.


Bent Like Beckham: 1


: 1


And so it came to pass that once again, the good, noble and (dare I say it?  Why, yes, I do so dare) shockingly sexy men and women of Bent Like Beckham once again met their all time nemesis (nemeses?) on the pitch:  the loathsome, ill-bred, unattractive and scarcely literate kobolds and troglodytes that wear the unseemly orange burlap kit of Scoregasm. 

You've been there before and you know how it goes:  BLB plays their guts out every time, only to see Scorejerks break their collective hearts by scoring a cheap one in the last minute.

Gawd, I hate those guys.

The Bent side was missing five of its regulars, so it turned to four irregulars to fill out its roster. 


James:  With two goalies kipped out on the beach, BLB turned to James "British Jim" Beckham to tend the twine in their absence.  James was disappointed that in this league, there is actually is no twine.  But he tended it anyway.  He was not going to let anything reach his imaginary twine.   He even made a couple of saves on some imaginary balls, just to be on the safe side.

Shafyn:  Shafyn arrived, his scalp freshly waxed and gleaming in the evening sun, determined to make a good first impression.  Seconds into his first shift, he grabbed a loose ball, turned up field and promptly twisted his knee.  He spent most of the match on the sidelines with the magic spray (in this league, the magic spray is 'Off').

Thanks for coming out, Shafyn!

Angela:   With Tracy gone, the team needed someone who could get up in the grill of the other team, kicking shins and taking names.  So we turned to Angela, who was here, there and everywhere.  She kicked shins.  She took names.  She even got a couple of numbers. 

Steve:  Steve marked his glorious return to Bent Like Beckham with a brilliant header goal in the second minute.  Later on, he headed the ball over the cross bar, and missed an open net.  1 out of three ain't bad.  It was better than anyone else, anyway.  But still ... two out of three would have been really great. 

Bent Like Beckham took an early lead on a brilliant goal by Steve and then nursed it for the next 87 minutes.  You do not often see a lead nursed like that, but take it from me, that lead was nursed.  No joking.


 Bent Like Beckham gets its nurse face on


But still ... but still.  Somehow bad things always seem to happen when we play Scorefags.  With 30 seconds to go, they got a penalty kick at mid-field and somehow the ball got to that big gorilla who kept running into people, and somehow it got into the goal just before the final horn sounded. 

Gawd, I hate those guys.

Next up:  Bent Like Beckham vs Sons of Pitches at Ogden Field.  It won't be pretty.  But then, it never is.

Go Bend It!!!



Peter Beckham

Acting Team Captain Pro Tem

And Passably Pleasant Fellow