Welcome to Summer Soccer Letter No. 1.


Bent Like Beckham returns to the pitch Sunday night and looks to improve upon its 13th place finish in the Spring League. Given that the 2011 Sunday Rec B Division has only 8 teams in it, our chances for a better finish look good.

The season gets off to a thrilling start on Sunday night against QPF or QRP or WTF or something like that. A win then would be as many wins as the team had in the spring. So we better win. That's all I'm saying.


But first, the game report from Bent Like Beckham's final match. The big win which lifted them into the penultimate position of the league table:

Bent Like Beckham: 152 - Cobra Kai: Nil

The Bent side scored early, and often. Dave got it going with a bicycle kick from the center line that went 50 yards straight into the back of their net. Nice one, Dave. The other 11 goals you scored that night were just as pretty.

Not to be outdone, Brigitte followed that one up with one where she kicked the ball way up into the air, then did a double backflip before heading the ball, completely upside down, into the bottom corner.  Incroyable.

Then Sandro had a turn. He finished off the first of his natural hat tricks by kicking the ball across the street, where it bounced off a car, came back, hit their defence in the back of the head then went through the goalie's leg into the net. Unbelievable.

Not one to show off, Tony picked up the ball near his own goal, then pointed to the upper left corner of the opposite goal, and said "watch this", before kicking it back at Stuart, where it bounced off his hands, then skipped down the field, bouncing off the other goalie's hands right into the upper corner he had pointed to a moment before. Technically, it was Stuart's goal, but Tony did call it.

Just before halftime, Tracy potted her fifth goal of the match in spectacular fashion.
She kicked the ball through the defender's legs, then ran right up his torso, did a full somersault in the air once she got to the top, then did a full belly flop and headed the ball from the ground into the far corner of the goal.  They will be writing songs about that one.

Peter opened the second half by chipping the ball high into the air, where it struck the bottom of an Air Japan flight then came back down to hit the "90" mark on his big toe and straight to the top right corner. That was one for the TSN Highlight of the Night.

Tom finished the scoring, Bent Like Beckham's 152nd goal of the match, by bouncing the length of the field on the ball, treating it like a pogo stick, and then finished with a huge bounce where the ball sailed just under the cross bar while Tom flew over it, and then he stuck the landing, with both feet on the ball. Just a treat to watch.


Aaaah, who are we kidding. The other team never showed up, so we just declared victory and headed to the Pub.




In Other Soccer News:

  • Team Chairman for Life, David Beckham, has had a couple of busy weeks. Last week, he was palling around with royalty again with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at some fancy Hollywood party the day after Wills and Kate wowed them at the Calgary Stampede. Dave should have come to the Stampede as well. He is looking a little thin and he could probably use a pancake.


         The next day, Dave and Posh welcomed their brand new daughter, Harper Seven Beckham into the world. What's that you say? No, I don't know whether they could have come up with a dumber name than Harper Seven Beckham, actually. Apparently they gave it a lot of thought. You see, Harper is named for Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird, which is Posh' favorite book. What's that you say? Posh can read? I know, I was surprised by that, also. The Seven is named for the number Dave wears on his soccer jersey, as seen


here, and

and here. Oh never mind.

I guess Posh is better at reading than at math.

         The Women's World Cup (the 743rd biggest sporting event in the world) wraps up on Sunday afternoon with the USA taking on Japan (Japan????) in the championship match.

That's all I've got. See you Sunday. Expect Emotions.