Welcome to Summer Soccer Letter No. 3

Bent Like Beckham is back on Sunday to take on Cobra Kai. The last time we played them, we won 152-nil. Maybe they will show up this time and give us some tougher competition.

"Cobra Kai" is the name of the dojo where the bully from the movie the Karate Kid trained. And we all remember that the Karate Kid won over Cobra Kai in the end, so here's hoping this movie ends the same way. Just follow Mr. Miyagi's advice and we should be okay.

"The secret to soccer lies in the feet, not in the hands"

Also, "wax on, wax off."

Bent Like Beckham 6 - Dirty Cleats 5

The game began with the usual post game regrets, as a bunch of Bent Like Beckham regulars excused themselves from the match, citing foot injuries, gastrointestinal ailments, deaths in the family and the like, which we all knew were just polite ways of saying "I am way, way, way too hungover to play this week."

The rest of the team, who let's face it, were also way, way, way, way too hungover to play came out anyway and played what could be described, without fear of exaggeration, as one of the greatest displays of football skill ever seen.

The Team welcomed new recruit, Mark, who made an immediate impact with a goal, an assist and two shots that really hurt the other goalie's hands. You can come back anytime you like, Mark.

Tracy and Deb played the full game on defence, but they did not let exhaustion keep them from kicking and slashing at the other team until they were all too scared to cross the center line. Way to go, Tracy and Deb.

Tom pledged to change things up, by running the ball up the middle instead of the outside. it was not much of a change really, he still did not score. Keep running up the field whichever way you like, Tom.

Tony had a nice breakaway goal and then finished off a strange play at the end of the half where the ball bounced around off everything (but did not go in). With nothing in front of him but wide open goal, Tony hit the post. But he hit it really hard. Nice shot, Tony.

Peter got a goal, which came as a surprise to all of the Beckham fans. About time, Peter.

Finally, with just moments left in the match, and the game tied at 5-5, Brian broke free and ripped the winning goal past the keeper's outstretched and aching hands. TSN repeated the goal a dozen times that night as the Highlight of the Night. Great goal, Brian.

With the win, Bent Like Beckham stands on the edge of soccer glory. Bent Like Beckham goes into its final regular season match tied for 4th place with QPR. A win over the bullies at Cobra Kai sends them into the semi-finals and a shot at the Champions T-Shirts.

Go Bend It!!

In Other Soccer News:

  • Team Chairman for Life, David Beckham, was recognized as the Do Something Athlete at the VH1 Do Something Awards on Sunday night. I have no idea what he did to deserve this award. I guess he did something. Other people who did something include Demi Lovato and Sophia Bush. Whoever they are.

         There is no soccer being played in Spain this weekend. The Spanish soccer players are on strike for a fair wage. Among the players who are on strike are Christian Ronaldo (2010 salary: 11.3 million), Lionel Messi (9.1 million) and Kaka (8.7 million). They have a point - you can scarcely afford a private jet and a yacht with pay like that.


         If you say the names "Messi" and "Kaka" together it sounds kind of like "messy kaka." Heh. i said kaka.

This week's soccer letter is brought to you by Artoo-Detoo:

That's it for this week. See you Sunday.

Wax On, Wax Off!!!