Welcome to Summer Soccer Letter No. 3


Game 6 Report

Bent Like Beckham 3 – The Vectors 3


     A Tribute to Amalie and Ronnie

It was one of the greatest matches in the storied history of Bent Like Beckham F.C.  The team was up against a younger, faster squad with plenty of subs on the sidelines.   The Bent crew had only a couple of subs and all of them had a Y chromosome.  That meant that Amalie and Ronnie had to pay the whole match in the August heat without a break. 

And what a match they played.  With the team down 2-nil at the half, it was Amalie that got them back into the game, drilling an unstoppable strike into the corner of the Vectors’ goal.  The Beckham side was elated … the Vectors could only choke on the  bitter taste of their tears.

The two teams traded chances until the Vectors notched another flukey goal.  But, with time running down, Ronnie took over.  First, she streaked in behind the defence to pick up a long pass from Patrick and then put such a nifty move on the keeper that he’s still looking for his undershorts.  And to top it off, with scarcely a minute on the clock, she launched a bomb from the left side that no goalie on Earth could have stopped. 

The final score:  Vectors 3 – Beckham Players With Only X Chromosomes 3.  Nice work boys, thanks for coming out.


Amalie and Ronnie warming up before the big match.

And thanks also to Breanne, who kept us in the game until Ronnie finally showed up.

Thanks Breanne!

     Photo of the Match

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

In this case, all of those words are variations of “ouch”, “ow”, “holy crap”, “eep”, and so on.


     The Playoffs

Here are the final league standings: 

As you can see, the stalwart men and women of Bent Like Beckham achieved an incredible fourth place finish and have qualified for the championship playoff bracket.  Give yourselves a hand.

This means that in the first playoff round, we take on the first place Might Ducks, who haven’t lost a game all season and who have outscored their opponents by 23 points (that’s 5 more goals than Bent Like Beckham scored all season). 

So, we have our work cut out for us.  I’d like to say that everyone should just try their best, but frankly, that’s just not good enough.  We’re not after the participation ribbons this time.  We want the big prize:  yes, I am talking about the championship T-Shirts.  That’s what we’re playing for.

And if you need any more inspiration than that, you can always look to the immortal words of Sir Thomas Sean Connery, KBE:



      Ongoing Internet Issues

Last week, the website was “suspended”for a couple of days because of something to do with the e-mail accounts we never use.  After a lengthy e-mail exchange, our service provider “unsuspended” our account and the site rejoined the worldwide web.  But, for some reason, we are still locked out of the control panel we use to update the site. 

So, I sent some more e-mails and then waited patiently for the problem to be fixed.  And, I swear I am not making this up, this is the actual reply I received 4 days later:

“We see that this support request has been in open status since 4 days with no response, so we are closing the ticket considering that the issue was resolved.”

Apparently our service provider has their top men working on it.  Top.  Men.

This soccer letter brought to you by August 25 – Happy Soldiers Day, Brazil!

Go Bend It!!