Welcome to Summer Soccer Letter #4


Last match had the favourites, Bent Like Beckham paired up in a friendly match against Joga Bonito. It was a topsy turvey game in that Paul "Blue Star" scored. That's right. Old Twinkle Toes himself managed to pop one between the posts. (No pun intended Jenn). His excitement, which could not be maintained, forced him to drop his drawers at the field, put his arms in the air and declare for all the world to hear....."YES. It's true. I wear woman's underwear". Although liberating to Paul at the time, I'm sure it was a bit of information that the rest of us could have done without.



With a spark in Team Bent from Paul's goal, Team Captain and All Around Great Guy, Tom "The Animal", decided to mix it up with one of the goons on the other side, as cleverly illustrated below. When asked why, Tom responded: "Well, I've watched plenty of WWF and those guys never seem to get hurt, so I thought, what the heck. However, in hind sight, I think I'll stick to soccer". Now, although the apparent size difference, seems a little over whelming at first, as I'm constantly reminding Tracy, size just doesn't matter. Recovering from his later concussion from the incident, Tom managed to add his second goal of the season and was well on his way to the Golden Ball.



Tony "What's your Sign Baby", was clearly awe struck by the 19 year old swim suit models trying their skills at soccer on the other team. His wits quickly failing, Tony became putty in their hands, ie: giving away free throws. However, it was noticed, that if you avoided looking at their players directly in the eye, (which Tony was apparently incapable of doing anyways), you avoided their witchery and noticed a completely different player as shown below:


What Tony Saw:



What the Rest of the Team Saw:



Tracy "I'm not tired"; Carly "Will these scabs ever heal”; Peter "Even my eye lids hurt" and Stuart "My gloves are a size 3 1/2", showed their usual skill on the field, with a series of turns, twists, jumps and twirls that made even the cast of Circue du Soleil envious. In the end, the victory went to Joga, but as the cheer of "It's Hammer Time" lingered in the air, Team Joga said that Bent Like Beckham "was the funnest Team they've ever played against" .... a better compliment couldn't have been had.


Big News:


Brian and Breanne are getting married. Yes. It's true. Breanne, against all odds and better judgment has agreed to marry our Brian. Who would have thought that one day, our Brian would be married.  And to a girl no less. Breanne, knowing Brian's misunderstood obsession with soccer (which we hope to cultivate, put in a bottle and sell for $4.95 at Bargain Bargain Bargain) had agreed to wear this one of a kind dress shown below for their wedding. Good Luck Brian and here's hoping that you, as Ali G said to Beckham, "don't get caught offside" on your honeymoon.



Our next match, has us squaring off against one of the new "Singles Teams" - Calgary United at one of our favourite fields, Spruce Cliff. It's small and close to a BPs, what more could you ask for. The directions to get there are: If you live in the North, drive South. If you live in the South, drive North and it's near Westgate Mall.



Sprce Cliff #03

Calgary United vs. Bent Like Beckham


Thanks and we'll see you at the next game.




Budd.....Tom Bond

Voted most likely to be James Bond's brother