Summer Soccer Letter #5


Game 5 Preview: Bent Like Beckham vs Center Street Hooligans

Tom has pissed off to the West Coast. He promised to send around a soccer letter before he left, but of course he didnít. He also has all of the team beer, and the blueprint for victory we drew up together at the pub last Thursday. Some Captain he turned out to be.

So, Iím afraid that leaves me in charge. Not that I canít fill Tomís size 8 cleats. I mean, who couldnít? But itís not like he left me with much. A knock off Germany 2006 soccer ball he got at Canadian Tire. Thatís about it.

Our next game is Sunday, 6:30 PM vs. the Center Street Hooligans. We played these guys in the spring, and if memory serves, we lost by something like 47-2. The Hooligans presently stand 3rd in the summer standings, with 3 wins against only one loss and a goal differential of +14. These guys score a lot, so weíll need to follow Tomís plan for victory Ė score lots and lots of goals. We need to bring the kind of intensity to this game that Hani Awijan experienced while he was playing soccer last week:

Israeli troops killed a top leader of the violent Islamic Jihad in a West Bank raid yesterday. In announcements from mosque loudspeakers, Islamic Jihad said the leader of its militant wing in Nablus, Hani Awijan was killed by Israeli undercover troops while he was playing soccer with friends and relatives.

So, thatís the game plan. Score lots of goals and them go all Hani on them if we need to.

The game is at Alice Curtis School, 9711 Academy Drive SE. The official web site offers the following helpful directions:

Take Macleod Trail to Southland Drive and turn east.  Turn left (north) at Acadia Drive and then right onto Academy Drive.  The school is on the left. Goal post # S5ACA28

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tom is not the only one who is away. Paul, Tony and Tracy have also submitted their regrets. This leaves us with the following confirmed roster for Sundayís match:

Brain, Steve, Peter, Laura, Carly, Stuart

That is it. Six people. NO subs.

So, if any of you canít make it, tough. You pretty much have to.

And, if any of you know Owen Hargreaves or even Owen Hargreavesí dad or brother in law, by all means get them out for Sunday night.

Game 4 Report: Bent Like Beckham 4 , Calgary United 4

It was cold. It rained. It pretty much sucked from beginning to end.

The game looked nothing like this:

And everything like this:

Tom scored once and Tony, yes, you read that correctly, Tony Ambrose Swain scored twice.

That gives each of Tom and Tony 3 goals on the season and puts them both at the top of the Bent Like Beckham scoring chart. It has to be some sort of a sign. I expect weíll see a skinny guy in a black robe riding a horse with three other guys if this continues.

Special guest star Phillippe, making a rare summer start, pitched in with the other Bent goal. Thanks for coming out Phillippe. And, if youíre not doing anything on Sunday Ö.

Then, just as Team Beckham seemed to have finally found their game, and was pressing ahead through the swamp and on towards victory, Tracy agreed to the other teamís request that we just wrap it up early and call it a tie.

So, Bent Like Beckham sits in 6th place with a record of 1-2-1. Which is way better than the spring season. Weíll get those champion T-Shirts yet.

I have included a short training video you may wish to view in advance of Sunday's match.